IMG 2568 2 | Do Window Films Block UV Rays?IMG 2568 2 | Do Window Films Block UV Rays?As more people are awakened to the benefits of Residential Window Tinting, with that knowledge comes some questions. A common question we get at Galen’s Tinting:

Do window films block UV Rays?

In short, the answer is yes!

Our window film blocks 78% of solar heat and 99% of UV rays.

But why is this important? Let’s examine this closer below.

Most people use sunscreen with a high SPF to protect their skin and UV-blocking sunglasses protect their eyes. However, many people don’t realize that windows without protective film let in natural light–that is, the light in your home is the same as outside.

This means that if your windows aren’t tinted, you can experience the same damage inside your home as you would outside!

The good news is Galen’s Tinting can help!


Blocking UV rays protects your furniture, pictures, artwork, rugs, and window treatments against fading and sun damage. This is due to the constant heat from solar rays which accelerates the breakdown and discoloration of fabrics and furniture.

The Archives of Dermatology associate UV rays with 90% of all skin cancers. By installing window tinting, you can enjoy the sun in your house without fear of damaging UV rays.

Window tinting from Galen’s Tinting is a convenient, economical way to protect your family and furnishings. If you’re interested in the protection benefits that come from window film, contact Galen’s Tinting today! Our customer service is friendly and helpful, and our installation is quality guaranteed!

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