As more people are awakened to the benefits of Residential Window Tinting, with that knowledge comes some questions.

One of the most popular ones that we get at Galen’s Tinting: Is our Window Films permanently bonded to the windows and cannot come off?

People ask this question for different reasons. Some of them want to know how durable the films are. We’ve all seen badly applied car window tints with unsightly peeling edges, bubbles, and wrinkles that develop over time. Will that happen with our window films?

Others ask because the thought of a completely permanent solution is a scary thought. What if we change our mind and want to remove the film later? What if the next home buyer wants to remove the film?

No matter what the reasoning we ask for this question, Galen’s Tinting has an answer:

Our window films are exceptionally durable, but they are NOT PERMANENT and can be removed. Let’s dive into the details.

There are 2 main types of durability when it comes to window tint. While both types can be removed, one is much easier to remove than the other.

With a quality installation job (such as from Galen’s Tinting), good upkeep and the right type of film, you could get anywhere from 20-30 years from your Residential Window Tint! Yet still, on a whim, choose to get them removed with zero impact to your underlying glass panes. It’s a no brainer!

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