As more people are awakened to the benefits of Residential Window Tinting, with that knowledge comes some questions.IMG 2684 | Can My Pet Damage the Window Film?

One of the most popular questions we get at Galen’s Tinting:

Can my pet damage the window tinting?

This is a valid concern for pet owners, especially if pets have access to windows due to furniture placement, floor-to-ceiling windows, or window seats. It’s easy to imagine sharp claws scratching away the film, leaving it damaged and an eyesore.

IMG 5558 scaled | Can My Pet Damage the Window Film?

Galen’s Tinting has the answer:

Our window films are exceptionally durable, which means pets cannot damage them!

Of course, it’s best to reduce the occurrence of pets scratching at the windows by reducing their access to windows. However, if your pet does scratch the windows, our film won’t scratch, shred, or peel away from the window.

With quality installation from Galen’s Tinting, you can enjoy your tinted windows for years to come!

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