Residential Tinting

Look no further! You have found the right company to solve all the problems from the Sun in your home or business. The main concerns you should focus on are heat, glare, fading and choosing the right shade of tinting.

Heat Gain:
Heat gain in the summer months is not a joking matter, and we have the right products to reject the excessive heat. We can do it with a light, medium or a darker film to meet your preference. We can easily reject anywhere from 50-80% of the excessive heat that is making your home uncomfortable and contributing to higher energy costs.

Sun glare:
We are familiar with the strong intensity of the bright sun and we have just the films for the job. We can reduce the glare from the sun significantly allowing you to be more comfortable in your home. Glare reducing window tints can greatly improve visibility on Tv screens, computer and office areas, as well as provide a more comfortable nights sleep as the sun comes up on those arched windows in the bedroom.

The sun is great to brighten our days but not so great when it comes to our home furnishings. In addition to reducing your energy bill and toning down the brightness in your home, fade protection is a third reason to have your home tinted. Our professionally installed window films are the perfect product for rejecting 99% of the harmful UV rays from the sun that causes fading in your home. Along with the 99% UV rejection, our films further reduce fading on wood floors, curtains, pictures, furniture etc. by screening out the infra red rays and some of the visible light.

Choosing the right shade of window film:
It is really very simple when it comes to choosing the right shade or degree of tinting on your home. To keep it simple, just think in terms of light, medium or dark. We have a film to meet your preference that will do the job for you and one of the best features of the product is that is does not obstruct your view. If anything, it enhances your view because it takes the harshness of the light down a notch. We will help you to choose the perfect film for you in all areas of concern because after more than 20 years in the business we know how to ask the right questions.

Lifetime Warranty:
All of the films we offer are lifetime warranted and backed by the manufacture. You should only have to tint your windows one time and you are done. In addition, all of our films are designed for and safe to apply on all double-pane windows.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!
This company is a small owner-operated company and we accept nothing less than your 100% satisfaction. That is right, the owner will be on the job and it will be done right-the first time.

Please give us a call, we are ready to serve you!