Commercial Tinting

Professionally installed window tinting for commercial buildings is beneficial in many ways. The main benefits are heat and glare reduction; along with and privacy and energy savings. Commercial tinting is very effective for reducing the glare on computer screens without obstructing the view to the outside. This is beneficial if you desire to see to the outside because of a nice view or you need to monitor the outside area. Window tinting is also a great way to reduce hot spots near the windows where you may need to work; this can allow for greater utilization of office space, thereby increasing productivity and maximizing square footage. Another great advantage of window film is privacy. Privacy during the day is easily acquired by installing a darker more reflective film to the interior surface of the glass.

The darker and more reflective tints have a built-in higher heat rejection as an added bonus and you can see right in at night time with the lights on for security purposes. In addition, one of the most desirable benefits of professionally installed window tinting on your commercial property is energy savings. Depending on the amount of glass tinted, and the specific film installed, you can usually get a return on your investment in 2-3 years. The lifespan of the tinting products are normally around the 20 years. So, as you can see, your return on investment is going to be many times over.

Specialty Films:
The are a number of specialty that are used for certain purposes;one of which is called a black-out film. These particular films are excellent for hiding walls that are built right against the interior surface of the glass. In addition, black-out films are great for hiding anything that looks undesirable from the outside view, while giving a uniform look on the outside. There are a number of colors and opaque window films that can be used for decorating and adding full privacy or semi-privacy to office interiors that are enclose in glass. Whether it is privacy, decoration, or disguise, there is a very unique window film for you.

Safety Film:
Safety film is a special film that is usually clear and is significantly thicker than a regular window film. It is normally used to add security to any building by creating shatter-proof glass. It is so effective, it is installed on government buildings to hold the glass together in the event of bomb blasts from terrorist attacks. This keeps the glass from shattering everywhere and keeps people much safer. Security film can is also used in place of security bars on the windows of buildings making them look much nicer and inviting for customers.

Commercial window tinting is very popular on storefront businesses as well as multilevel buildings. No job is to big or small in order to benefit from the wide variety of films. The many features include enhancing the appearance, preserving and protecting the inside, and saving money year round.